Monday, February 13, 2017

Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Camera Crew in Sweden

This was first reported on and broadcast on 60 Minutes last March, but with all the chatter of banning immigrants from seven it worth watching again.

The report explains how Sweden is near the breaking point from taking in too many refugees.  Most of them seem to be Muslim and have little education, no job, no prospects for a job and many have no desire in ever becoming Swedish.

The film crew doing the story actually gets attacked twice....and I guess you can decide for yourselves whether the attackers were Muslims.


Yes, America is a nation made up of immigrants.  But the big difference is that that Norwegians, Irish, Swedes, etc...who came here 150 years ago WANTED TO BE AMERICANS.  We simply can not take in members of political Islam who desire to have Shariah law and take over this nation in the name of Allah and Islam....anymore than we could welcome people from Germany who were members of the Nazi religion during WWII.


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