Friday, June 2, 2017

Self-Marriage Movement Growing

How bizarre can the left actually get?  Normalize gay marriage.  Normalize people claiming to be the opposite sex.  Normalize people claiming to be another species.  Normalize polygamy and bi-sexuality.

And how about normalizing people who want to marry themselves?

It's called SOLOGAMY!

Oh yea....and if you don't embrace and celebrate sologamy....then YOU ARE A SOLOPHIBIC HATER!!

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A “self-marriage” movement is growing across the country.

They’re part of a growing relationship trend called sologamy.

Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, planned a formal ceremony with a white dress, flower bouqet, and walk down the aisle. Only, no one was waiting for her and that was just the way she wanted it.

Anderson says she grew tired of people asking why she was still single, so in front of friends and family, she married herself.

Self-marriage, or sologamy, is growing, partly because it’s popping up in pop culture, like when an episode of “Sex and the City” floated the idea.

The movement has gone global and companies are trying to capitalize. Marry Yourself in Canada offers consulting and wedding photography.

San Francisco’s Jeffrey Levin started a website called There, you’ll find sologamy ceremony kits that include a wedding band, daily affirmation cards and vows.

“I think it’s increased over the years and it’s something that’s becoming more understood and more accepted,” Levin said.

Anderson married herself to celebrate independence and believes others should, too.

“You’re worth it,” Anderson said.

Anderson just celebrated her one-year anniversary with a solo trip to Mexico.

She said even though she’s married to herself, she’s dating and open to marrying another person.


How pointless and stupid can you get??  So the woman marries herself, then takes an anniversary trip by herself to Mexico but....
She said even though she’s married to herself, she’s dating and open to marrying another person.

Maybe the reason that she isn't married to a real, live man is because she is so bizarre that real men are repulsed by her?

"Hi, my name is Tom.  What's your name?"
"Nice to meet you Brenda.  Are you married?"
"Yes of course.  Don't you see my ring?  But I am open to dating and marrying another person."
"Wait, you mean you and your husband are polygamists?"
"No silly, I am married to myself.  I'm a sologamist."
"OK....adios amiga!" (and Tom proceeds to walk away)
(Brenda now yells after him)
"Nice to meet you too! solophobic, close-minded, small-minded, hateful bigot!!"


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