Thursday, July 6, 2017

Three Men Marry Each Other

If all you have to do is claim that you were "born that way" in order to demand your "right" to follow through on all your desires....we are totally screwed.

"As long as I can remember, I have been attracted to chimpanzees so was clearly born with this desire...which is why I'm marrying by best friend and lover today....BoBo the Chimp".

"Ever since I was young I dreamt of having two gay husbands to share my life, and my bed, with.  I always knew I could never be monogamous because I simply wasn't born that way."

"My first memories of sexual attraction were never about being attracted to men or women.  I was always just attracted to people and it's like I could care less what physical sex they were born as...I just wanted to love them sexually and emotionally.  So yes, clearly I was BORN THIS WAY as a bi-sexual woman."

Now today we read an article that shows exactly what happens when you all society to fall down the slippery slope and let everyone define what marriage is to them.

Three Men Marry Each Other, Demonstrating the Slippery Slope of Morals

Society can’t deny that there is slippery slope when it comes to sex and the changing ideas about biblical standards, Michael Brown, host of the Line of Fire radio program, writes in a column for Charisma News.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny the reality of the slippery slope,” he writes. “The logical next step is to affirm it.”

Brown’s column comes in response to a Colombian marriage of three men—a polyamorous “family.” Colombia legalized same-sex marriage in 2016 and polyamorous marriage this year.

“‘We wanted to validate our household… and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family,’ said one of the men in a video published by Colombian media this week.

Brown says an example of that “slippery slope” here in the Unites States would be when a lesbian couple with a child has the help of another man, “all three of whom become parents,” the Associated Press said.

He says that the Human Rights Campaign once argued to remove “transgender” from its campaign to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. In New York you can now be fined for not accepting the stated identity of a transgendered employee. That slippery slope has now gone to Canada, where a bill allows its citizens to use whatever pronouns they want.

“”Refer to me as ze and zir rather than he or her,” Brown writes.

“And (they say) there is no slippery slope,” he writes.


Marriage is defined by God and confirmed by Jesus to be a union that involves ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.  Sexual intercourse is a wedding gift given by God to ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN who have pledged themselves for life before God.

Of course the people who reject God and deny Jesus want to make marriage out to be whatever they want.

Society simply won't last very long if everyone can claim their right to be allowed to do every desire they claim to be born with.  The fact that we show restraint and self control is what separates us from the animals.

Old Testament Israel once had a time that everyone did what they thought was right in his own mind.

Clearly, it didn't go well for them....just like it won't go well for us to let "marriage" be whatever every person decides it should be.

Judges 21
In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.


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