Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LGBT are "gods and goddesses'

Wow....we are really falling off the cliff and into the abyss.  Articles like this are appearing virtually every day CELEBRATING all kinds of perversion.  The article below reminds all LGBT of how they were celebrated as 'gods and goddesses' in other cultures throughout history.

Dearest Queer Person,

Chances are you don't even know that you are holy, or royal or magic, but you are. You are part of an adoptive family going back through every generation of human existence.

Long before you were born, our people were inventing incredible things. Gifted minds like the inventor of the computer Alan Turing and aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont live on in you. The imprint that bold and brilliant individuals like Lynn Conway and Martine Rothblatt (both transgender women alive today) made on modern technology is impossible deny as present-day engineers carry their torch in the creation of robots and microprocessors. More recently speaking, one of the co-founders of Facebook publicly acknowledged his identity as a gay man, as did the current CEO of Apple.

We were so often gods and goddesses over the centuries, like Hermaphrodite (the child of Hermes and Aphrodite), and Athena and Zeus, both of whom had same-sex lovers. In Japan it was said that the male couple Shinu No Hafuri and Ama No Hafuri, "introduced" homosexuality to the world. The ability to change one's gender or to claim an identity that encompasses two genders is common amongst Hindu deities. The being said to have created the Dahomey (a kingdom in the area now known as Benin) was reportedly formed when a twin brother and sister (the sun and the moon) combined into one being who might now identify as "intersex." Likewise, the aboriginal Australian rainbow serpent-gods Ungud and Angamunggi possess many characteristics that mirror present-day definitions of transgender identity.

Being so unique and powerful has sometimes made others afraid of us. They arrested and tortured and murdered us. We are still executed by governments and individuals today in societies where we were once accepted us as important and equal members of society. They now tell us "homosexuality is un-African" and "there are no homosexuals in Iran." You, and we, know that these defensive comments are not true--but they still hurt. So, when others gave us names like queer and dyke, we reclaimed them. When they said we were recruiting children, we said "I'm here to recruit you!" When they put pink and black triangles on our uniforms in the concentration camps, we made them pride symbols.

Those who challenge our unapologetic presence in today's cultures, who try to deprive us of our rights, who make us targets of violence, remain ignorant of the fact that they, not us, are the historical anomaly. For much of recorded history, persecuting individuals who transgressed their culture's norms of gender and sexuality was frowned upon at worst and unheard of at best. Today, the people who continue to harass us attempt to justify their cruel campaigns by claiming that they are defending "traditional" values. But nothing could be further from the truth.

But now you know they are wrong. Just imagine the world without that first computer or the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, or a huge part of the music you've ever heard from classical Appalachian Spring to classic YMCA (I mean, we've held titles from the "Mother of Blues" to the "King of Latin Pop!"). How much less colorful would the world be without us? I'm grateful that you're here to help carry on our traditions.

So, happy LGBT History Month! I hope to celebrate with you here at Quist. This list of LGBTQ history online resources is a good place to start in exploring more specifics about this heritage.

Here;  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-prager/every-lgbtq-person-should_b_8232316.html

NEWSFLASH:   All the PAGAN religions, gods and goddesses mentioned in this article are FROM SATAN whom the Bible calls the Prince of the Earth and also the Prince of the Powers of the Air. The Good News is that Jesus came to set us free from these PAGAN-SATANIC religions that were leading their people to misery, death and destruction.

I have said it numerous times but will say it again in case a new reader stumbles upon this article....WE ARE ALL BORN WITH SIN!  Some are born wanting to copulate with every women they see and walk around with lust in their eyes from morning til night.  Some are born wanting to be sexually involved with little kids.  Some men are born with the desire to copulate with other men. Some are born with the desire to lie, cheat, steal and murder....THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF JESUS COMING FOR US!!  WE ARE ALL SINNERS AND ALL OF US ARE IN NEED OF A SAVIOR!!

"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things, seen and unseen.  By His power all things are currently held together from the atoms in our bodies to the rotation of the planets.  If Jesus can do all that, he can certainly change you and me from the sinful desires we were born with and transform us so that we do not have to be slaves to the sin that encumbers us.

Start Googling stories of men and women who were born with gay lusts and were even living out all their lustful perversions....but they REPENTED and asked Jesus to come and save them....and now they are free because Jesus freed them.

So now the article tells us it's LGBT HISTORY MONTH.  What the heck does that mean?  When are the ADULTERERS OF AMERICA going to demand their own history month where they celebrate all the wonderful inventions, creations and governance that men who had sex with multiple women contributed over the past centuries?  How about the PEDOPHILES OF AMERICA?....when do they get their own history month?


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