Friday, October 2, 2015

Netanyahu Stares Down UN

Watch this video clip of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu staring down the United Nations general assembly as he asks them all why they have been silent on this nuclear deal with Iran when Iran openly declares their goal to wipe Israel off the map.


Crazy how Mexico City has 18 million people and yet they are seldom in the news, but Israel has 7 million people and a tiny sliver of land and yet they are FRONT AND CENTER in the news EVERY SINGLE DAY!

How can a logical person explain that?

Of course the Bible DOES explain it.

In the very last days Israel will be regathered TO ITS LAND in Israel and it will be a miraculous thing to behold. The desert will bloom again once they return...and it has!! There has never been (nor ever will be) a story of a people group being scattered all over the world for 2000 years and yet they resurrected their language and have become a regional (world?) power that their neighbors fear!  And this all happened within a few years of Hitler destroying millions of Jews in Europe!  (Read Ezekiel 37)

Please remember to pray for Israel and its leaders...because the Bible tells us so.  The nation of Israel is still living in rebellion towards God.  Jesus said that ONLY HE can provide peace with God and of course the nation of Israel has rejected Jesus.  However, Jews are coming to Jesus like no other time in if you know a Jew who doesn't know Christ...make friends, pray and wait for your opportunity to tell him how Jesus the Jew came to save us all!!

Amen!  Come Lord Jesus!


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