Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Do You Do When People Trying to Kill You Live Around the Block

The Arabs of Palestine seem to be ramping up their violent attacks against Jews in Israel.  The world watches it all and can't help but blame Israel because, they claim, the Arabs just want their land back!!

So how do you respond as a Jew in Israel when you learn that cold blooded killers who would love to hack you to death with a right around the corner?

What do you do when the people who are trying to kill you live in the neighborhood down the street?

Or when they live in the same village as that lovely man your son’s been working with?

Or when they work for the phone company?

When they try to kill anybody — uniformed soldiers and police, ultra-Orthodox Jews, all the passengers on a city bus?

When they target men, and women, and children.

When their leaders — politicians, spiritual leaders, teachers — lie to them about us, lie about our history, lie about our ambitions?

When some of their leaders tell them they will go to paradise if they die in the act of killing us?

When they (sometimes) lie to themselves about the killings they carry out — claiming that it is we who are rising up to kill them, that their bombers and stabbers are being attacked in cold blood by us — and thereby widen the circle of embittered potential killers?

When they (sometimes) lie to themselves about who it is they are killing, falsely claiming in widely circulated social media exchanges, for instance, that Na’ama Henkin, gunned down with her husband in the West Bank two weeks ago, was deliberately targeted because it was she who had insulted the prophet, calling Muhammad a pig, on a visit to the Temple Mount this summer?

When all they need in order to kill is a knife or a screwdriver and a mind that’s been filled with poison?

And when that poison pours into them from most every media channel they consume, and from the horrendous Facebook postings of their peers and their role models?

What do you do?

After decades relentlessly demonizing and delegitimizing the revived Jewish state, the Palestinian leadership has produced a generation many of whom are so filled with hatred, and so convinced of the imperative to kill, that no other consideration — including the likelihood that they will die in the act — prevents them from seeking to murder Jews.

The false claim pumped by Hamas, and the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, and Fatah, and many more besides, that the Jews intend to pray on the Temple Mount — a place of unique sanctity for Jews, but one whose Jewish connection has been erased from the Palestinian narrative — has all too evidently pushed a new wave of young Palestinians, urged to “protect al-Aqsa,” into murderous action against any and all Jewish targets, using any and all weapons.

The suicide bombings of the Second Intifada were carried out by West Bank Palestinians; the onslaught was drastically reduced when Israel built the security barrier. Today’s terrorism is largely being carried out by Palestinian Arabs from East Jerusalem, some of whom have blue Israeli identity cards. The relative neglect of East Jerusalem since 1967, by an Israel that expanded the city’s municipal boundaries but signally failed to ensure anything remotely close to equality between Jewish and Arab neighborhoods, only made the lies and the incitement spread more easily. In an Israel where Jews and Arabs live utterly intertwined lives, this new level of potential danger in every seemingly banal encounter is rendering daily life nightmarish.

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I wonder what we would do here in MN if the Sioux Indians living in Prior Lake started hacking citizens to death who are walking down the sidewalks or standing at bus stops?  What would we do if those Indians had launched 8000 missiles towards Mpls and St Paul over the past few years?

I've got REAL answers for you....IT WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!!  The FBI would swoop down there so fast it would make your head spin.  The explosives would be found and the folks would be arrested and jailed by HOMELAND SECURITY and a big fence would soon go up all around the reservation and they would not be allowed to come and go from the reservation without being searched.

"But Dennis, we Americans TOOK ALL THE INDIAN'S they are just protesting their anger about being moved onto the reservation a few decades ago!  We should give them all their land back to make them stop lobbing missiles into Minneapolis!"


No.  Not in 1000 years are we ever going to give the Indians back a bunch of land that Americans took from them 100+ years ago to make Minnesota.

We took it using the rules of the world and the Indians couldn't defend what they they lost it.

So why does the world look at Israel and demand they give land back to the Arabs that lost their land almost 70 years ago?   Why don't they demand that America give back all the land to the Indians?

Answer....because they are Jews and the world hates Jews.  God has such large plans for them going forward....and Satan hates those plans.


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