Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gorbachev Says America Wanted to Rule the World but Lost Its Way

Do you remember the Russian President named Mikhail Gorbachev who was around with Reagan and oversaw the fall of the Berlin Wall that ended the Cold War?

Well, believe it or not, he isn't dead and just gave an interview to RT, which is like the Russian version of CNN.

If you have 20 minutes you should watch this interview.  Gorbachev seems pretty concerned that Russia and the US could end up with a confrontation over Syria.

He also talks about nuclear weapons and how powerful they have become and how easily they could destroy nations.

He then talks about how President Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex in the USA and how they demand more and more money to buy more and more stuff and build more and more bases until it has become a gorilla too big to feed.....then what??

Also take note about 6 minutes in the term "New World Order" gets said about 5 times.

Watch it here;

Just one more voice pointing to the fact that America has some vast, systemic problems and yet most Americans are oblivious to how near we are standing next to the abyss.

As you read the Old Testament and reflect on the history of God's chosen people...remember that God used godless-heathen nations to overthrow and discipline His people.  In the same way, please remember that God can use any nation He chooses to overthrow America if that is His will.

One final point that is very ironic.  The Christians in Syria actually support Bashar Al Assad as President because he has allowed them to practice Christianity for decades.  But USA is saying Assad must go.  So now Russia shows up and starts bombing Assad's enemies and now the Christians there are thinking that Putin's Russia might be their savior!!

So the Christians in Syria may well believe that America is a force for Satan and Russia is a force for good!!

What????  Friends, ONLY in an upside down world of Alice in Wonderland does this scenario make sense.


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