Monday, December 14, 2015

ISIS Starts Killing Disabled Children

While the liberal-left here in America is busy putting out statements and pictures that compare Donald Trump to Hitler....ISIS continues DOING things that are reminiscent of Hitler.

ISIS have issued a fatwa which orders children with Down's syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in a chilling echo to the workings of the Nazis, it is claimed.

Sharia judges have apparently ruled that ISIS followers are authorised to 'kill newborn babies with Down's Syndrome or congenital deformities and disabled children' in their latest sickening act.
More than 38 children born with deformities and Down's syndrome, aged between one week and three months, have already been killed by lethal injection or suffocation, according to Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye.  

The organisation, which released the a video report highlighting the depraved acts, said the killings took place in ISIS strongholds in Syria and Mosul, northern Iraq.

Mosul Eye said it monitored the deaths of children born with Down's syndrome and found they are mostly those of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women.

The group said during its investigation it discovered that the fatwa was issued by one of Islamic State's Sharia judges, a Saudi judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi.


As Bible readers, most of my readers will understand that ISIS (and all Islamic extremism) is demonically charged.  It would be REALLY NICE if other Muslim nations would say "We have had enough of these radical Muslims!" and put together some sort of military force and go clean up this mess within their ranks...but we won't hold our breath.  According to the article it was a Saudi judge who issued the fatwa to kill the disabled children!

So what can America do?  Are we really prepared to send a massive invasion of troops into these god-forsaken, dark places to stop the killing?  And even if we could wipe out ISIS...would that actually change the minds of millions of Muslims who actually support what ISIS is doing?  Or would a US led invasion actually make millions more Muslims support what ISIS is doing?

The Bible tells us that "the whole world is under the control of the evil one." 1 John 5:19  As we watch the daily headlines this fact seems confirmed.

We realize that these headlines can make one start to feel like darkness is overcoming the world.  But please remember that JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD.  We may feel like the battles are lost but Christ has already won the war!  NONE of these events on earth are surprising to God.  He's not on His throne wringing his hands saying, "Oh me, oh my....these evil humans are getting the upper hand!  What am I going to do now?"

Psalm 37:13

13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for he knows their day is coming.

We were told that these days would come...but God promises that THEIR DAY IS COMING!!

Come Lord Jesus!


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