Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Did Venzuela Collapse Because They Curse Israel?

As we now know, Venezuela is in total meltdown.  Of course the recipe was bad to begin with when you have a strong- man, bully dictator who made friends with Iran and relied on oil to prop up the whole socialist system he instigated.   Not a recipe for long term success.

But could the final straw that sealed his Venezuela's doom have happened when their leaders cursed Israel?

Watch this short YouTube video of Hugo Chavez cursing Israel.  He died not long after and now his country is reduced to eating dog and cat meat and the military is beating the crap out of folks who are protesting their dire straits.

Here;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt4FLhr0Yq0

Also check out what the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations said just last month.

Venezuela’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Rafael Ramirez, made anti-Semitic remarks in a speech he gave on Friday at an informal meeting of the United Nations’  Security Council (UNSC) on ‘protection’ for the Palestinian people.
“What does Israel plan do to with the Palestinians? Will they disappear? Does Israel seek to wage a final solution? The sort of solution that was perpetrated against the Jews?”
Ramirez was relating to the Nazis’ Final Solution, their plan to annihilate the Jewish People, a plan they were partially successful in implementing during the Holocaust. Ramirez made his outrageous remarks only a day after Israel marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the six millions Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The session was chaired by Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela. Israel did not attend. The United States and Britain sent lower level representatives.


"I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you," said God to Israel.

When the President of a country says, "Damn you Israel!" and the folks in the stands all cheer.....that certainly qualifies as cursing Israel.

No doubt that now that Chavez is dead and showed no signs of bearing the fruit of Christ....he is now well aware of his pompous, prideful and errant views toward Israel...as he sits in Hades waiting to be resurrected to stand for eternal sentencing at the Great White Throne judgment.  He will certainly bow to the most famous Jew in the universe on that day....Jesus Christ.


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