Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ISIS Burns 19 Women Alive

Another day, another horrendous headline.  Of course Islamic state is doing these things for their god, Allah....which is really just Satan.  Tragically he has duped over 1 billion people on planet earth.

The Bible would testify that anyone worshiping Allah is NOT worshiping Jesus...and hence all are on the wide road that leads to destruction.

The liberals can keep saying it's a religion of peace but Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boco Haram, Al Qiada and dozens of other Muslim terror groups doing unimaginable things would beg to differ.

Nineteen Yazidi women were brutally executed last weekend in Mosul, Iraq, after refusing to have sex with their husbands - all members of ISIS.

Eyewitnesses told news agencies that the women were put in an iron cage and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds of spectators.

"They were burnt to death while hundreds watched," an eyewitness told the Syrian news agency ARA. "No one could do anything to save them from the horrific punishment."

Abdullah al-Mala, another witness, said that "they were punished because they refused to have sex with ISIS militants.”

Here;  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4812917,00.html

One can hope that ISIS burns itself out and ends up destroying each other as they burn with hatred, perversion and blood lust....because the civilized world simply has no desire to send our boys in uniform over there to confront this Satanic foe.

We wonder if these heinous headline are simply more foreshadowing of how close we are to the Great Tribulation....a time so bad that Jesus said NO FLESH WOULD SURVIVE if He didn't return to planet earth to personally cut those days short.

For believers in Christ, we can ask ourselves a question....if we can see the signs of the coming Great Tribulation...how much closer are we to the day when the trumpet blows and Jesus snatches all of His followers off planet earth?

Stay busy folks!  Let's keep our eyes on the finish line!


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