Monday, June 13, 2016

Islamic Extremism the Cause of Largest Mass Shooting in American History

I'm not sure how much longer I can continue yelling at my TV as I listen to the non-stop news coming out of Orlando where 50 people have been shot dead.

Here are some of the things I am saying to the TV as the continuous stream of reports come out of Orlando;

--Say it!!  Say the words!!  Radicalized Muslim Extremist!

--Why can you reporters say 'gay bar" 10,000 times but can't say Muslim even once!!

--What would your liberal-reporter-minds be saying if he had blown himself up in the bar using a suicide vest rather than shooting people?  Would that have taken your minds off of gun control? Would that have made you focus on RADICAL ISLAM rather than WHERE DID HE GET THE GUNS and what kind of guns were they?

--Really!?  Your hopes and prays go out to the concerned people and families in Orlando?!  WHO EXACTLY ARE YOU PRAYING TO??

--why isn't the story headline SHOOTER KILLS 50 IN ORLANDO?  Why is it pertinent to the story that it was a gay bar? "Well Dennis, it shows the world how persecuted gays are...that's why we keep saying it!"  So then why isn't it pertinent to the story that it was a RADICALIZED MUSLIM who targeted the gays?  The headline should be AMERICAN BORN RADICALIZED MUSLIM KILLS 50 IN GAY BAR.

In case you have been under a rock for the past 2 days, here is some news on the Orlando shooting....and please notice the headline is vacant of the word Muslim or Islam.

Obama: Orlando shooting was a case of ‘homegrown extremism,’ gunman inspired by online propaganda

ORLANDO — The gunman who had opened fire inside a club here Sunday called 911 during a three-hour standoff with police, calmly pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State while holed up inside a bathroom with at least four hostages, officials said Monday as new details emerged about the massacre.

In the end, police said they decided to storm Pulse after the shooter referenced bomb belts or explosives, freeing dozens of hostages before killing the gunman in a shootout. These new details about the rampage and hostage situation at Pulse, a popular gay bar, were released Monday by authorities, offering a glimpse into why authorities waited hours before storming the nightclub.

Even as police released new accounts of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, the investigation into Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old gunman, expanded to look at other people and stretched from Florida to Kabul.

There is now “an investigation of other persons,” A. Lee Bentley III, the U.S. attorney for much of Central Florida, said at a news conference Monday. Bentley said prosecutors have “no reason to believe that anyone connected to this crime is placing the public in imminent danger,” but he offered no other details.

“We’ve been collecting a great amount of electronic and physical evidence,” Bentley said early Monday.

The FBI said Monday that investigators have processed more than 100 leads so far.  President Obama and Vice President Biden met Monday with the heads of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center, the White House said.

Obama said Monday that it appeared the shooting was a case of “homegrown extremism,” saying that so far investigators have found no connections between the gunman and the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, or any other extremist groups.

“It appears the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the Internet,” Obama said during remarks in the Oval Office.


Holy crud Mr. President!!  What kind of extremist information was it??  Was it EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER that got him to be so extreme??   Wow!!  If the Internet can cause an American man to go buy some guns and shoot 100 people....we better put some controls on that Internet!!

The liberals are so confused about this shooting!  All they can do is wring their hands one more time and say, "Oh those nasty black guns!!  Weapons of war have no place on our streets!"  And then the other liberals will stop their Hollywood award show to say "We are all Orlando today!  Love will win!  Love, love, love, love is stronger than hate!"....just like they did when Islam came killing in Paris last year.  And that liberal crap and platitudes will continue for about the next 12 hours until the next time Islam comes killing, burning, raping, detonating, subjugating and trying to take over the world to usher in the caliphate.

Oh other thing in case Hillary is reading this....Hillary, WORDS DO MATTER!!  When Nazis said they were going to rid the world of mattered!!  When Muslims say they are going to rid the world of gays, Christians and anyone who refuses to bow to Allah...IT DOES MATTER!!

"But Dennis, not ALL Nazis were extremist Nazis!  Some were just normal people who loved their kids, loved their wives and were just moderate we don't want to demonize an entire Nazi party just for the sake of a few bad apples!  That would be intolerant!"

Of course Bible readers aren't confused by the events transpiring within Islam.  It's really very simple....when you worship the false god, Allah, and his pedophile, murdering prophet, can expect really bad things to happen...because Satan is really bad!

One final tragic note to point out....what kind of behavior do you think was probably happening at 2 am in a gay bar in Orlando?  God honoring behavior?   What kind of behavior was happening in Paris when the Muslim came and shot dead all the concert goers who had just made the DEVIL HORNS SIGN and had just begun to sing the song KISS THE DEVIL?

Our heart should break for this lost world, but we shouldn't be surprised when these awful things happen.  Satan is the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD and he will continue to be so until Jesus returns.


FOLLOW UP:  I just saw this headline from Fox News sitting on the front page of Google News.  Yay for Fox News!

Orlando gunman's descent into Islamic terror comes into focus

The Muslim terrorist who killed at least 49 people in an Orlando nightclub early Sunday was an angry loner who beat his ex-wife, alienated co-workers and made at least two mysterious trips to Saudi Arabia, according to people who knew him and law enforcement authorities who are now piecing together his descent into radical Islam.


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