Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Europe, Greeks Have Most Negative View of Jews

God said of Israel and the Jews, "I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you."

As you look at Syria and the curses they cast out at Israel for the last 60 years, it's not surprising that their nation is near collapse and their people have turned on each other with such violence that the world looks away.

Now look at all the Muslim nations who have Jew hatred near the top of their list of you see any Muslim nation that isn't cursed, miserable and ignorant?

Look at Great Britain who not long ago ruled the world.  During WWI they sided with the Arabs and in WWII they turned a blind eye towards the Jews and where is the UK today?  The UK may split up and they certainly don't rule the world.

Now let's look at Greece.  According to the article they are the most negative towards Jews.  And we all know that Greece is the most hopelessly bankrupt nation in the EU and has some of the worst unemployment rates.

According to the study — which analyzed the ideological divides across the EU on views about minorities, diversity and national identity, fifty-five percent of Greeks have an unfavorable view of Jews.

Hungary ranked second, with 32% of its citizens expressing negative opinions about Jews. One in five or more in Poland, Italy and Spain also have unfavorable attitudes towards Jews.

The authors of the report noted that, compared to Roma and Muslims in Europe, “Negative attitudes towards Jews are much less common” and have remained “relatively stable since 2015. Additionally, “a median of only 16 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Jews in their country.”

Regarding Muslims, “[O]pinions…vary considerably across Europe,” the study found.  Half or more Hungarians, Italians, Greeks and Spaniards “have a very or somewhat unfavorable view of Muslims.” In other countries surveyed, a majority of the population expressed positive attitudes about Muslims.

It's funny, but by now one would have thought the world would have figured out that wherever the Jews go, blessings follow.  America has more Jews that Israel is it a surprise that America is the wealthiest nation on earth with blessings so numerous we can't begin to count them all?

Look at the land of Israel.  The Jews were gone and the Arabs were there for 2000 years and turned the entire place into a dirty, treeless swamp.  But when the Jews started returning to the land and buying the swamp from the Arabs....the land began to bloom.

Soon the Arabs were working for the Jews.  Not long after that the Arabs because jealous towards their Jewish employers. "My family has been here for hundreds of years!  Why the heck are we working for these rich Jews?"  And the uprising began....based on jealousy from the children of Ishmael towards the children of Isaac.

The children of Ishmael would have done well to welcome their Jewish cousins back to the land...instead of trying to kill them every chance the Arab-Muslims got.

But that wasn't going to happen.  And now we have Turkey, Iran, Russia, Libya, Somalia and some other players getting ready to take a major swipe at Israel.  Ezekiel 38-39 clearly says it's NOT going to go well for them either when they run into the chainsaw held by the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob.


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