Monday, February 13, 2017

Democrats Have a Plan to Impeach Trump

The militant liberals haven't quieted down yet following the Trump election.  It seems like they are getting angrier with every passing day.

You can check this out for yourselves and see if it makes sense.

Democrats have let it leak how they are planning to attack President Donald Trump with impeachment charges—have him declared mentally ill.

No seriously…that is their plan.

According to Breitbart, there has been a quiet trend emerging in which news organizations and TV pundits are associating Pres. Trump’s name with mental illness. No doubt, these leeches are trying to de-legitimatize him and prime people for the serious accusations.

I have been saying it since June. The Liberal/Progressive Democrats have gone mentally unbalanced over President Trump. They have become violent and destructive. They are beating people for going to speeches being made by people they don’t approve. So in the complete Alinsky fashion, they accuse Trump of who THEY are. Rules for Radicals says to accuse your opponent of what it is you are doing, to take the focus off your actions.

Once a socialist, always a socialist. These tactics are straight out of the Old Soviet Playbook: Have your political opponents imprisoned or removed for mental illness.

The left supported sociopaths Bill and Hillary Clinton for over two decades. That right there should tell you enough about them and that they should be ignored. They are quickly becoming a leftist cult that wants to bully anyone that disagrees with them.


The anger of the godless liberals and vile verbal attacks they are engaging in should give us a clue about the spiritual battle that is taking place over the election and Presidency of Donald Trump.

The world hates Israel while Trump supports her.
The liberal world loves killing babies by calling it women's rights while Trump opposes it.
The liberal world wants a global government while Trump opposes it.
The liberal world defends radical Islam at every terror attack while Trump blames radical Muslims.
The liberal world insists that a person can be whatever sex they claim while Trump may not agree.

The liberals like to say that Trump is an emerging Hitler and that he is following Hitler's playbook. Of course the irony is that Hitler did away with free speech and burned books and the liberals are following the same playbook by silencing and bullying anyone who says anything they disagree with.



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