Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Evangelical Preacher On Trial For Saying Islam is Satanic

A few thousand years ago there was a prophet named Elijah.  The Jews around him had fallen into the ungodly habit of worshiping a god name Baal.  If you don't know the rest of the story, you should read it in 1 Kings 18 because it's pretty awesome.

Elijah called out to the people that Baal was a false god.  And we know that every false god is really demonic-satanic in nature.

Today, we followers of Christ understand Islam is worshiping a false god.

"But Dennis, don't you know that Allah is simply Arabic for God and you may be offending Arab Christians by claiming Allah is a false god?"

Yes.  Here's a good way to think about that;  I could say, "Two men are married to a woman...but that doesn't mean they are married to the SAME woman."  Think about it....  Those two men ARE married to a woman.  This statement is true.  But then you need to ask more questions to realize they are married to different women, NOT the same woman.

Fact:  Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ.

Fact:  Jesus is God.

Conclusion:  Both are NOT worshiping the same God. (god)

So if you are a preacher of the Gospel who is committed to telling the truth that JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY...will you continue to preach that Truth even when the liberals tell you it's hateful, intolerant and illegal to preach what Jesus said?  When you KNOW that Islam is a tool of Satan, will you tell that truth to your congregation?

This pastor in England is going to stand trial for telling the truth that Islam is satanic.

LONDON (AP) -- An evangelical preacher from Northern Ireland who branded Islam satanic has been charged with spreading a "grossly offensive" message.

In a May 2014 sermon, James McConnell told worshippers at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast: "Islam is heathen. Islam is satanic."

The sermon was streamed online, and 78-year-old McConnell has been charged with transmitting the message over an electronic communications network.

Prosecutor David Russell told Belfast Magistrates' Court Monday that the case had "nothing to do with religion or freedom of expression."

He said McConnell "characterizes the followers of an entire religion in a stereotypical way. And that's grossly offensive and that's not protected from saying it from a pulpit."

McConnell denies the charges, and told police he didn't intend to offend, insult, arouse fear or stir up tension.


Friends, you are fooling yourselves if you think this isn't coming to America.  The evidence is all around us that it is!  The battle cry of the liberal-progressives is TOLERANCE!  So they will continue to push their agenda of NO HATE SPEECH and say that any words that can make people FEEL BAD should be restricted.

Soon it will be illegal to preach Romans 1 because it makes homosexuals, fornicators and perverts feel bad.  And one day it will be illegal to preach the words of Jesus Christ, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me."....because those words are so intolerant and make SO many people feel bad who DON'T believe in or follow Jesus.


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