Monday, June 13, 2016

A Store for Men Who Like to Wear Diapers

Some men are born with the desire to be treated like babies.  They may like to wear diapers, sleep in cribs, have stuffed animals and most likely get sexually stimulated when other people treat them like babies.

I guess there must be more than just a few....because there is a store opening in the Chicago area that caters to these men.  And it turns out the neighbors don't like the store!!

How intolerant!  How hateful!  How infantphobic can those neighbors be???  Don't they understand these men were born this way??

If you walk inside Tykables, a shop in a suburb of Chicago, US, you could be forgiven for momentarily thinking you've entered a store for newborns and their parents.

You might notice the cot against a wall, the rocking horse and high chair in the middle of the room, or the tall nappy tree stacked high.

But as you take a closer look, you'll see that each item in the US store is strangely adult-sized or that the store's owner has traded slacks and a button-up for a pink t-shirt and a puffy white nappy.

Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (or ABDL), as the National Geographic show Taboo explains, is a form of fantasy role-playing in which adults temporarily regress to baby-like behaviours. And this store in Mount Prospect, Illinois, appeals to this demographic.

Participants might play with children's toys, lie inside giant cots, speak in gibberish, suck on dummies, ask to be spoon fed and wear adult-sized nappies. For some, the role-playing is a fetish associated with sexual arousal, but for others it's merely a form of relaxation.

"We definitely want people to fill the space with things for people to come and play, take pictures," John-Michael "Tod" Williams, the store's 30-year-old owner, says in a YouTube video introducing his company's first brick and mortar store to the world.

"Not everybody has access to a nursery, so one of the things we wanted to do was provide one."

There are ABDL communities on Facebook with photos of grown-ups sucking their thumbs and guides to nappy purchasing.

The practice - which is formally known as "Paraphilic infantilism" for those who are sexually aroused - is not limited to one group of people or sexuality, according to Psychology Today.

"Adult baby syndrome is still a new entity for psychiatrists, and there are undoubtedly variations within the syndrome. [One of the cases said] that he wanted someone to 'make him be a baby' evokes images of the sadomasochistic scenarios enacted by a dominatrix and her clients."

Unsurprisingly, not everyone in the Chicago suburb wants access to one of these stores.

Since the physical shop opened in April, Williams's entrepreneurial spirit has gone unappreciated by some residents who are furious that a store catering to ABDL enthusiasts exists in their pleasant town about northwest of Chicago.


You see friends, there really is no end to how many bizarre behaviors, perversions and fetishes exist that the participants claim have to be tolerated, accepted and eventually celebrated....because they are BORN THIS WAY and they SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING TO HIDE WHO THEY ARE!

Bible readers are not surprised.  This is what happens to people when they reject God as Creator. Their minds are given over to foolishness and their thinking becomes futile.


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