Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mark of the Beast Technology is Here

We have been saying it for some years now, but WE ARE THE FIRST GENERATION to have the technology available to fulfill the prophesies of Revelation.

People on earth won't be FORCED to take the Mark of the Beast....they will be asking for it as the latest high-tech gizmo to simplify their lives.

Check this out....people are now having their electronic keys implanted into their bodies so they never lose their house key!

Tim Shank can guarantee he’ll never leave home without his keys. Why? His house keys are located inside his body.

Shank, the president of the Minneapolis futurist group TwinCities+, has a chip installed in his hand that can communicate electronically with his front door and tell it to unlock itself. His wife has one, too.

"You have mental checklists as you’re coming and going out of your home," Shank says. "One of those things is my wallet, keys, all those things I have with me. Once you start to eliminate all those things, you start to see all the mind space it actually clears not to have to worry about them."

In fact, Shank has several chips in his hand, including a near field communication (NFC) chip like the ones used in Apple Pay and similar systems, which stores a virtual business card with contact information for TwinCities+. "[For] people with Android phones, I can just tap their phone with my hand, right over the chip, and it will send that information to their phone," he says. In the past, he’s also used a chip to store a bitcoin wallet.

Shank is one of a growing number of "biohackers" who implant hardware ranging from microchips to magnets inside their bodies.

Some biohackers use their implants in experimental art projects. Others who have disabilities or medical conditions use them to improve their quality of life, while still others use the chips to extend the limits of human perception. Shank, for instance, has experimented with a portable distance sensor that vibrates a magnet in his hand; it's like a sonar system that lets him sense how far away obstacles are. He also considered installing a chip that would track his body temperature. But not every use case is so ambitious—for some, the chips are merely convenient ways to store data and unlock doors.

Experts sometimes caution that the long-term health risks of the practice are still unknown. But many biohackers claim that, if done right, implants can be no more dangerous than getting a piercing or tattoo. In fact, professional body piercers are frequently the ones tasked with installing these implants, given that they possess the training and sterilization equipment necessary to break people’s skin safely.

"When you talk about things like risk, things like putting it in your body, the reality is the risk of having one of these installed is extremely low—it’s even lower than an ear piercing," claims Amal Graafstra, the founder of Dangerous Things, a biohacking supply company.

Paying for goods with an implantable chip might sound unusual for consumers and risky for banks, but Graafstra thinks the practice will one day become commonplace. He points to a survey released by Visa last year that found that 25% of Australians are "at least slightly interested" in paying for purchases through a chip implanted in their bodies.

"It’s on the minds of people," he says. "It just needs to be brought to fruition."

Here;  http://www.fastcompany.com/3059769/ive-got-you-under-my-skin-the-new-frontier-of-digital-implants

Yes it's true.....Last Days prophesies are on the minds of lots of people, even if they don't know it!

They want a one-world government to deal with global warming, they want a one world currency to transact business in the global economy, they want Israel to give up its land, the Jews want a third Temple built and America is about ready to give up its role as protector of little Israel....because God is getting ready to do it Himself.

As one prophecy writer likes to say, "You can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah."


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