Monday, June 12, 2017

17% of Americans Now Support Polygamy

We have been saying it all along!  Once you change the definition of marriage from ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN....then you open up the doors to all sorts of options.

How about 1 man and 5 women?

How about 3 men?

Why not 1 woman and an "almost human" orangutan?

How about 1 bisexual man married to one man and one woman?  And could he have his gay family living in St Paul and his traditional family living in Tuscon....or would they all have to cohabitate to be considered a legal "Bi Family"?

And of course as America becomes more Biblical illiterate every day, it shouldn't surprise us to see news like this.

Seventeen percent of Americans now support polygamy, according to a Gallup poll.

Over the past decade and a half, tolerance for polygamy has more than doubled among the American public. A similar trend applies to human cloning.

Stunning as they are, these findings from the latest Gallup survey of moral opinion in the U.S. may tell more about the political future than the daily drama surrounding President Donald Trump.

To be sure, the percentage declaring polygamy and human cloning “morally acceptable,” in Gallup’s phrase, remains small: Seventeen percent are OK with the former; 14 percent, the latter. Neither is likely to become legal soon.

Yet the speed with which these formerly fringe ideas have moved toward the mainstream is significant and consistent with Gallup’s broader finding: Since 2001, there has been a clear and, apparently, irreversible, move toward more permissive or, to use Gallup’s word, “liberal” social norms.

“Libertarian” might be a better term. Gallup documents what can only be called a strong live-and-let-live consensus regarding several practices — birth control, divorce, sex between unmarried adults, gay or lesbian relations, out-of-wedlock childbearing — that within living memory were either fiercely contested or taboo. All garnered at least 62 percent acceptance in the poll, conducted just a month ago. Doctor-assisted suicide is trending up and now stands at 57 percent acceptance.

Taboos are weakening against pornography (acceptance up six points to 36 percent since 2011) and sex between teenagers (acceptance up four points to 36 percent since 2013). Meanwhile, new taboos are developing against wearing fur and medical testing on animals. Only adultery remains as unacceptable as in 2001; just 9 percent tolerate it.


What??  Only 9% tolerate adultery?!?  That means that 91% of Americans are adulteraphobes!!  How can they be so judgmental and such hateful bigots?!?  The 9% that are tolerant and accepting of adultery need to start having ADULTERY PRIDE events at their local communities until this hate and intolerance ceases!

And the fact that only 17% of Americans support polygamy is unacceptable!  That means that only 17% support the desires and needs of bisexual Americans!  Is it really so wrong to be in love with a man AND a woman?  Who says we can't love and raise families with more than one person?!?


Did you catch what the article said was the SPEED at which fringe ideas are going mainstream?

The Bible warned that the end will come like a this really shouldn't surprise us as America falls off into the abyss of relativism REALLY quickly.

Israel had a similar time when they had no leader....and everyone made up their own rules using their own failed and confused minds. And of course their story didn't end well.

Judges 17
In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.


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